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15 Days Buddhist World Prayer Guide: 2019 (downloadable PDF/read Product Details)
Author Various,
Format Adult version PDF
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Product Description
THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE PDF file version of the 2019 printed booklet. If you plan to share the file with others, read about "Quantity Orders" below! To acquire the PDF file, PLEASE read the INSTRUCTIONS below (we do not email it to to you).

Quantity Orders:
You may share the file or a print-out of it with a prayer partner or family member, but if you intend to send digital or printed copies of the file to other people (e.g., members of a prayer group, or your supporters, or to members of your church, ministry, etc.), you will need to purchase the appropriate number (see the discount prices for different quantities below). You then need to download the file only once, but you will have the right to email/share as many copies as you purchased.

Of course, there are limitations to this; like, you cannot buy copies from our site and resell them, or otherwise circumvent copyright laws.

-- To purchase it you need to have created an account, and be signed in
-- When you click on "Finalize" your order, the download link will show next to the product on the "Receipt" screen.
(If for some reason, you miss that immediate opportunity to download the file, you can also find the link in your "Order History" under "My Account." Please note: you have 14 days to retrieve that file from your Order History.
-- Find and click on the the actual order (in your "Order History") to open it
-- Find the product; next to it you will find a link with download instruction.

You can either
-- click on the link (the PDF will open in your browser--you then still have to save/download it to your computer), or
-- right-click on the link to download it directly without first opening it (note: on a Mac computer "right click" means that you hold the CTRL button down while clicking the mouse pad).

If you are trying to save a PDF on your iPad, or on other hardware devices and in other Apps, you might want to search for instructions on the web.

Our FIRST annual Buddhist World Prayer Focus calls Christians and churches worldwide to set aside ANY 15 days in 2019 to learn about and pray for our world's over half a billion Buddhist neighbors. The informative prayer guide booklets will help Christians to know how to pray for the people(s) growing up within this major world religion.

It is not our intention with this prayer focus to disparage Buddhism's attempts to understand the mystery of life and to seek solutions to the problem of human suffering. We acknowledge that Buddhism is a great and enduring tradition, and as such it would be inappropriate to simply or easily condense, explain or take lightly within a mere booklet.

At the same time, however, it is no secret that as Christians, we long that all the world's people(s) will have tangible opportunity to freely see, hear and understand the grace of God incarnated in Jesus Christ. To this end we inform ourselves, pray for and want to support respectful efforts to make that grace known also within the world's Buddhist communities.

We invite all Christians and churches to participate, and to learn about and pray for Buddhists.

ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY: If you have a ministry, project, resource, seminar, event, etc. that focuses on the Buddhist world, and you want to advertise it in the North American booklet version, click here; your potential audience could not be more focused!

Financial Support: This project is also made possible with the generous assistance of donors. Please consider helping us continue to inform christian believers about our worlds neighbors:
By Mail: WorldChristian, PO Box 9208, Colorado Springs CO 80932

Product Details
Product Code: E_BUDDPG2019
Categories: Prayer    Religion & Worldview    Buddhism
Pages: 32
Primary Audience: All
Year: 2018

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