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Christianity In India
Author Robert Frykenberg,  PublisherOxford University Press
Format Paperback
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Product Description
From Beginnings To The Present (Oxford History Of The Christian Church) Robert Frykenberg's insightful study explores and enhances historical understandings of Christian communities, cultures, and institutions within the Indian world from their beginnings down to the present. As one out of several manifestations of a newly emerging World Christianity, in which Christians of a Post-Christian West are a minority, it has focused upon those trans-cultural interactions within Hindu and Muslim environments which have made Christians in this part of the world distinctive. It seeks to uncover various complexities in the proliferation of Christianity in its many forms and to examine processes by which Christian elements intermingled with indigenous cultures and which resulted in multiple identities, and also left imprints upon various cultures of India.

Thomas Christians believe that the Apostle Thomas came to India in 52 A.D./C.E., and that he left seven congregations to carry on the Mission of bringing the Gospel to India. In our day the impulse of this Mission is more alive than ever. Catholics, in three hierarchies, have become most numerous; and various Evangelicals/Protestant communities constitute the third great tradition. With the rise of Pentecostalism, a fourth great wave of Christian expansion in India has occurred. Starting with movements that began a century ago, there are now ten to fifteen times more missionaries than ever before, virtually all of them Indian. Needless to say, Christianity in India is profoundly Indian and Frykenberg provides a fascinating guide to its unique history and practice.

"Frykenberg succeeds wonderfully, with a book that is richly informative on countless aspects of Indian history quite apart from its contributions to Christianity." --Christian Century

"Writing a history of Christianity in India in a single volume, even a volume as large as this one, is a daunting task...This book faces those challenges head-on with considerable success. ...This is the best single-volume history of Christianity in India written so far. --International Bulletin ofMissionary Research

1. Introduction
2. Contextualizing Complexity, I: India's Lands, Peoples and Social Structures
3. India's Dominant Religious Traditions: Santana and Dar-ul-Islam
4. Thomas Christians and the Thomas Tradition
5. Pfarangi Catholic Christians and Padroado Christendom
6. Evangelical Christians as Missionary Dubashis: Conduits of Cross-Cultural Communication
7. India's Raj and Its Political Logic: The Unification of India, A Southern Perspective
8. Avarna Christians and Conversion Movements
9. Missionaries, Colonialism and Ecclesiastical Dominion
10. Indian Christians and Hindu Raj
11. Elite Eductaion and Missionaries
12. Catholic Renewal and Resurgence
13. Trophies of Grace and Their Public Influence
14. Adivasi Movements in the North East
15. Conclusion and Epilogue

Product Details
Product Code: 0199575835
Categories: History    Global Christianity    Church History    Sociology of Religion
ISBN-13: 9780199575831
Pages: 564
Primary Audience: All
Year: 2010

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