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  1. Toll-free Tel: (within North America only): 1(888) WCN-NEWS (926-6397).
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We ONLY accept U.S. dollar checks or money orders (available at most banks worldwide) that are drawn on a U.S. bank, payable to If you pay with a Canadian bank check
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We can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
       If you provide your credit card information by any ordering procedure other  than online (i.e., by mail, tel, or email), please provide the credit card number, expiration date, security code (Visa, MC, Discover: 3-digit code on signature panel, or 4-digit code above cc # on the front of Amex card), AND the cardholder's name and billing address for the credit card. We advise that when sending your credit card information by email, that you (for security purposes) split up your number into two emails.



  • Sales Tax: Colorado customers, please add 2.9% sales tax (Colorado Springs customers: 8.25%).
  • Exceptions: Due to fraud (yes, we are sorry to say...), we may at times not automatically process orders placed with a credit card that are destined to certain African and other countries, but instead insist on checks (see above), and then wait until checks completely clear before processing an order. Certain drop ship orders to a third party may also not be automatically processed without prior research.
Best Sellers
  1. A Wind in the House of Islam
  2. In the House of Islam DVD
  3. Before You Pack Your Bag, Prepare Your Heart
  4. A Muslim's Mind
  5. Miraculous Movements
  6. The Third Conversion
  7. Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
  8. Explaining the Trinity to Muslims
  9. Foreign To Familiar
  10. The Camel Rider's Journal (DVD & Workbook)
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Unchristian (hardcover) (last 3 copies)
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Quote of the Day
This experience revealed that people, perhaps universally, would far rather engage in legitimate exchange than be the object of another's pity. There is something in one-way giving that erodes human dignity. This kind of compassion subtly communicates to the recipient, 'You have nothing of value that I desire in return.' One-way mercy ministry, as kind hearted as the giver may be and as well-intentioned, is an unmistakable form of put-down.

On the other hand, everyone loves to engage in the process of exchange. Everyone loves to find a bargain. There is something life affirming when someone comes to the bargaining table with a resource to barter. The playing field is leveled. The eying of each other's commodity takes place from both sides of the bargaining table.

Both sides have a choice; both sides weigh the worth of the other's commodity. A deal is struck, an exchange is made. And remarkably, both parties leave the encounter feeling like they have gained more value than they brought.
- Robert D Lupton
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