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and earn money for referrals

  • Place links on your site (or in your email newsletter) that point to our bookstore (or directly to specific titles, authors or categories of titles).
  • Visitors who click/use these links to our site, will be tracked on our site, and purchases they make, will be credited to your account.
  • You will earn a percentage of their purchase in referral fees.
Why consider linking to the Bookstore? This is not just about added business for us and earnings for you, but also about giving visitors to your website access to great titles that challenge, inspire, educate and inform.

     Most of these titles are For Christians Seeking Understanding by Reading More Widely, chosen to stimulate thought and understanding about missions, history, current trends and the world within which Christians live and serve.

  • Giving access to resources adds value to your site.
  • We offer one of the best selections of discounted titles for WorldChristians anywhere.
  • Not only do we offer discounts on single-copy orders (averaging 20% and more), we also give greater discounts on most titles for quantities starting at ten copies per title.
  • We ship all over the world.
  • Purchasing from us also enables us to financially support grassroots ministry projects around the world.

Main Link Options
You can link to our general Bookstore page (and let visitors coming from your site browse and find their own titles of interest), or directly to specific titles, authors, publishers or subject categories. Please note: you can also put links into emails and newsletters to encourage your friends, supporters or constituency to look at titles you recommend.


1) Link to our general Bookstore page

  • You may want to simply link to the main page of our online store, instead of to specific titles or authors, etc. Of course you can also place multiple links on any number of pages on your site, and thus increase your chances of earning revenue; see link examples below.

2) Link to specific titles in the Bookstore

  • Search among the nearly 4,000 titles in our bookstore for specific titles that are particularly appropriate for your web site or email newsletter that fit your current theme or passion.
  • List the title(s) on your site (feel free to copy and paste title information and images from our site1).
  • Embedd the appropriate url link into the information (and book image) on your site that points to the chosen title on our site. You could, for example, add the following phrase next to titles that you feature: "Purchase now at a discount from the Bookstore" embedding the appropriate url link (see examples below) into the word "" (or any other part of such a phrase).
  • The link will include both reference information to the title (e.g., the title's Product ID), and your unique Affiliate ID which we will issue you upon joining.

See specific examples below.

Referral fees
      We will pay you five percent of the amount of purchase2. We will make payment once a month if your account reaches a credit of U.S. $25 or more--or later once that credit has been reached.

      NOTE: If you want to promote certain in-print titles on your website that we do not currently list in our bookstore, we are certainly open to consider adding them--let us know about them.

1This permission is only granted to WorldChristian Affiliates.
2Amount of purchase excludes shipping charges and any sales tax collected

EXAMPLES, How to link
      Let's say that the Affiliate ID we have assigned to you upon joining is 555, and now you want to start linking to titles, categories or authors on our site.

     The last element "&aid=555" in the following examples allows us to track the visitor coming from your site and credit purchases made during that visit to your account (instead of "555" you put your affiliate ID number).


Example 1, Linking to a specific title:
      If you want to expose your visitors to a particular title in our bookstore, simply copy the url when you are on that product's detail page. Let's use the "God is at Work" title as an example. Enter that title into the SEARCH field, and then click on the product image to get to that title's detail page. The url you will see at the top of the page should be: Copy that url to use on your site (or in an email), and add "&aid=555" (without the quotation marks, and substituting "555" with YOUR Affiliate code.


Example 2, Linking to a Category of titles:
      If you want to expose your visitors to "Biography" titles on our site, the hyperlink on your site to this category of titles should be


Example 3, Linking to titles from a particular Publisher:
      If you want to expose your visitors to "Zondervan" titles on our site, the hyperlink on your site to this publisher should be


Example 4, Linking to a specific author:
If you want to expose your visitors to the author "Benge" on our site, the hyperlink on your site to titles by this author should be


Example 5, Linking to our main Bookstore page:
If you want to expose your visitors to our bookstore in general, the hyperlink on your site should be


Example 6, Linking to just the NEW titles in our Bookstore:
If you want to expose your visitors to just the new titles most recently added to our bookstore, the hyperlink on your site should be

      When you are ready to joincontact us.

Last Update: 2015 June 24

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  5. A Muslim's Mind (last copy)
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  7. The Third Conversion
  8. Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
  9. Explaining the Trinity to Muslims
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Quote of the Day
If the world exists not chiefly that we may love God but that God may love us, yet that very fact, on a deeper level, is so for our sakes. If He who in Himself can lack nothing chooses to need us, it is because we need to be needed.
- C.S. Lewis
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