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15 Days of Prayer for the Hindu World

Calling the Church to pray for India and the Hindu World
Oct 8 – 22, 2017

Since 1993, WorldChristian.com publishes an annual prayer guide calling the Church to make a concerted effort to learn about, pray for and reach out to our world’s Muslim neighbors, particularly during Ramadan. Millions worldwide have regularly participated in this prayer focus.

The time has now come to inform ourselves also about our world’s over one billion Hindu neighbors. This prayer mobilization is the result of a two-year collaborative initiative of various ministries and individuals who have felt God’s leading to issue this call to prayer.

Please join with Christians in different countries who will set aside Oct 8-22 to specifically pray for the Holy Spirit to move among Hindus and to reveal Jesus, the Light of the World. The time frame roughly coincides with a season of Hindu festivals, particularly Diwali, a very popular festival of lights, celebrated by Hindus in India as well as by the many Hindu communities now found throughout the world.

Order your colorful and informative copies of the 15 Days Hindu World Prayer Guide; the booklets will start shipping the end of July. Take advantage of the bulk discount pricing and involve your church, your prayer group, your friends and family, your ministry, your supporters, your school, etc. (The North American edition can be ordered online from WorldChristian.com.)

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Please Note: It is not our intention with this prayer focus to disparage India or her majority religion in any way. On the contrary, as Christians we embrace the truth that we have been blessed (Paul reminds us in Galatians 3:8) so we can be a blessing to the nations, including the many peoples of India.

We recognize that India and Hinduism are far too complex, and full of great traditions, to easily condense, explain or take lightly within a mere booklet.

As Christians, we yearn that all the world’s people(s) will have a tangible opportunity to comprehend the grace of God incarnated in Jesus Christ.

For this reason, we inform ourselves, so that we may understand, and learn how to pray for and support respectful efforts to make that grace also known within our world’s Indian and Hindu communities.

Please also consider helping us financially with a generous donation to enable us to properly launch this new initiative. You can do so online by going to WorldChristianConcern.org, by mailing your check to:

WorldChristian Concern
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