Books and Articles included on the CD

Islamic Studies
    1. Ali, A. Yusuf, trans. The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an
    2. Anderson, Norman. Islam in the Modern World
    3. Braswell, George Jr. Islam: Its Prophet, Peoples, Politics, and Power
    4. Campbell, Dr. William. The Qur'an and the Bible in Light of History and Science
    5. Gilchrist, John. Origins and Sources of the Gospel of Barnabas
    6. Gilchrist, John. The Qur'an: The Scripture of Islam
    7. Jabbour, Nabeel. "Islamic Fundamentalism: Implication for Missions" (New in Version 2.0)
    8. Martinson, Paul Varo. Islam: An Introduction for Christians
    9. Nazir-Ali, Michael. Islam: A Christian Perspective
    10. Parshall, Phil. Inside the Community: Understanding Muslims Through Their Traditions
    11. Schimmel, Annemarie. Mystical Dimensions of Islam
    12. Stanton, H.V. The Teaching of the Qur'an
    13. Torrey, Charles C. The Jewish Foundation of Islam
    14. Watt, W. Montgomery and Bell, Richard. Bell's Introduction to the Qur'an
    15. Woodberry, J. Dudley. "Faith and Iman: The Human Response"
    16. Woodberry, J. Dudley. "The Muslim Understanding of Jesus"
    17. Zwemer, Samuel. The Moslem Christ
Christian Witness
    1. Abdul-Haqq, Adiyah Akbar. Sharing Your Faith With a Muslim
    2. Addison, James T. The Christian Approach to the Moslem: A Historical Study
    3. Brown, Rick. 'Explaining and Translating the Biblical Term 'Son(s) of God' in Muslim Contexts'
      (New in Version 2.0)
    4. Brown, Rick. "The "Son of God"-Understanding the Messianic Titles of Jesus" (New in Version 2.0)
    5. Chapman, Colin. Cross and Crescent: Responding to the Challenge of Islam
    6. Chapman, Colin. "Going Soft on Islam? Reflections on Some Evangelical Responses to Islam"
    7. Culver, Jonathan. "The Ishmael Promise and Contextualization Among Muslims" (New in Version 2.0)
    8. Dretke, James. A Christian Approach to Muslims: Reflections from West Africa
    9. Evangelical Review of Theology (Nicholls, Bruce, ed., et al) Christian Mission and Islamic Dawah
      • Chapman, Colin. Christian Perspectives of Islam: Threat, Challenge or
        Misunderstood Ally?
      • Anderson, John D.C. Does the Church Make it Difficult for Muslim Enquirers?
      • Bevan-Jones, L. How a Sufi Found his Lord
      • Al Faruqi, Ismaÿil. On the Nature of Islamic Dawah
      • Cragg, Kenneth. A Christian Among Muslims
      • Wilson, Christy. Costly Discipleship: Two Stories from Iran
      • Musk, Bill A. Honour and Shame
      • Nicholls, Bruce J. The Servant Songs of Isaiah in Dialogue with Muslims
      • Moucarry, Chawkatt Georges. Theological Principles for Evangelizing Muslims
      • Usman, K.M. How a Maulvi Found Peace
      • A CMS Missionary. The Stories of Farhana and Mr and Mrs Yaqoob
    10. Gilchrist, John. The Christian Witness to the Muslim
    11. Goldsmith, Martin. Islam and Christian Witness: Sharing Your Faith With Muslims
    12. Jones, L. Bevan. Christianity Explained to Muslims: A Manual for Christian Workers
    13. Kateregga, Badru D. and Shenk, David W. A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue
    14. Larson, Warren F. Islamic Ideology and Fundamentalism in Pakistan: Climate for Conversion to Christianity? (New in Version 2.0)
    15. Lausanne Committee. Ministry in Islamic Contexts
    16. Livingstone, Greg. Planting Churches in Muslim Cities: A Team Approach
    17. Malek, Sobhi. Islam: Challenge and Mandate
    18. Massey, Joshua. "God’s Amazing Diversity in Drawing Muslims to Christ"
    19. Matheny, Tim. Reaching the Arabs: A Felt Need Approach
    20. McCurry, Don, ed. The Gospel and Islam: A Compendium
      • Hiebert, Paul G. The Gospel and Culture
      • Larson, Donald N. The Cross-Cultural Communication of the Gospel to Muslims
      • Abdol Massih, Bashir. The Incarnational Witness to the Muslim Heart
      • Conn, Harvie M. The Muslim Convert and His Culture
      • Kraft, Charles H. Dynamic Equivalence Churches in Muslim Society
      • Glasser, Arthur F. Power Encounter in Conversion from Islam
      • Taber, Charles R. Contextualization: Indigenization and/or Transformation
      • Nicholls, Bruce J. New Theological Approaches in Muslim Evangelism
      • Fraser, David A. An "Engel Scale" for Muslim Work?
      • McCurry, Don M. Resistance/Response Analysis of Muslim Peoples
      • Cragg, Kenneth A. Islamic Theology: Limits and Bridges
      • Musk, Bill A. Popular Islam: The Hunger of the Heart
      • Webster, Warren W. A Selected Bibliography for Christian Muslim Workers
      • Dayton, Edward R. The Value and Methodology of Planning Strategies
      • Wilson, J. Christy, Jr. Tentmaking Ministries in Muslim Countries
      • Khair Ullah, Frank S. The Role of Local Churches in God's Redemptive Plan for the Muslim World
      • Hoffman, Valerie. The Christian Approach to the Muslim Woman and Family
    21. Musk, Bill. The Unseen Face of Islam: Sharing the Gospel with Ordinary Muslims
    22. Nazir-Ali, Michael. Frontiers in Muslim-Christian Encounter
    23. Nehls, Gerhard. Christians Answer Muslims
    24. Nehls, Gerhard. Christians Ask Muslims
    25. Parshall, Phil. Beyond the Mosque: Christians Within Muslim Community
    26. Parshall, Phil. New Paths in Muslim Evangelism: Evangelical Approaches to Contextualization
    27. Parshall, Phil. The Cross and the Crescent: Understanding the Muslim Mind and Heart
    28. Saal, William. Reaching Muslims for Christ
    29. Tisdall, W. St. Clair. Christian Reply to Muslim Objections
    30. Travis, John and Workman, Andrew. "Messianic Muslim Followers of Isa: A Closer Look at C5 Believers and Congregations" (New in Version 2.0)
    31. Vander Werff, Lyle L. Christian Mission to the Muslims: The Record
    32. Woodberry, J. Dudley. Dimensions of Witness Among Muslims
    33. Woodberry, J. Dudley. "Missiological Issues in the Encounter With Emerging Islam"
    34. Woodberry, J. Dudley. Muslims and Christians on the Emmaus Road

Academic Courses Included on the CD

    1. Christensen, Jens. The Practical Approach to Muslims
    2. Cooper, Anne. In the Family of Abraham: Christians and Muslims Reasoning Together
    3. Cooper, Anne. Ishmael, My Brother: A Biblical Course on Islam
    4. Elder, John. The Biblical Approach to the Muslim
    5. Shenk, David, et. al, eds. The People of God:
      • Course 1 - The Beginning of People
      • Course 2 - God's Covenant with People
      • Course 3 - God Loves People
      • Course 4 - The People of Faith
    6. Woodberry, J. Dudley. Current Trends in Islam (Syllabus and Articles) (New in Version 2.0)
      Includes Country Profiles (New in Version 2.0) and Articles by J. Dudley Woodberry:
      • A Biblical Perspective on Islam (New in Version 2.0)
      • The Kingdom of God in Islam and in the Gospel (New in Version 2.0)
      • Terrorism, Islam, and Mission (New in Version 2.0)
      • The Encounter with Emerging Islam (New in Version 2.0)
      • A Global Perspective on the Current Status of Christian-Muslim Relations (New in Version 2.0)
      • A Global Perspective on Muslims Coming to Faith in Christ (New in Version 2.0)
    7. Woodberry, J. Dudley. Folk Islam (Syllabus and Lecture Outlines)
    8. Woodberry, J. Dudley. Introduction to Islam (Syllabus and Lecture Outlines)


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