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A Wind in the House of Islam: How God is drawing Muslims around the world to faith in Jesus Christ
Author David Garrison,  PublisherWIGTake
Format Paperback
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Product Description
Thirteen centuries of Muslim / Christian contact saw only one voluntary movement of Muslims to Christ (compared to millions of Christians being assimilated into the Muslim world during that long period), yet over the last couple decades more than 60 new movements have emerged.

Something is happening in the Muslim world, something unprecedented in history. Over the past 14 centuries, Islam has forged a "spiritual empire" that stretches from West Africa to Indonesia. Today, the Dar al-Islam or "House of Islam," as Muslims call their religious community, counts more than one in five persons on earth. Over the centuries of Muslim-Christian interaction, tens of millions of Christians have been assimilated into the Muslim world, but what about the opposite? Have there been any reciprocal movements--more than individuals, but rather entire Muslim communities--who have come to faith in Christ?

In this new global study, Dr. David Garrison reveals that the first Muslim movement to Christ did not occur until the 19th century, more than 1000 years after Muhammad's message first echoed from the minarets of Medina. This first movement was followed by a further 10 Muslim movements to Christ in the late 20th century. But something unprecedented is now happening. In the early years of this new century, we have already seen more than 60 new Muslim movements to Christ!

To better understand what is happening and why it is happening now, David Garrison has traveled throughout the Muslim world--from West Africa to Indonesia--collecting hundreds of interviews and personal stories of former Muslims from within these movements who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. Garrison wanted to understand, "Why now?" and How is God at work in our day to see more Muslim movements to Christ than at any time in history?

A Wind in the House of Islam explores the stories of more than 1,000 Muslim-background followers of Jesus Christ from each of the nine rooms in the House of Islam. Join Dr. Garrison in this amazing journey of discovery, tracing the work of the Holy Spirit as it blows through the House of Islam.

Product Details
Product Code: 1939124034
Categories: Islam    History    Mission Books
ISBN-13: 9781939124036
Pages: 328
Primary Audience: All
Year: 2014

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