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Author H.L. Richard,  PublisherWilliam Carey Library
Format Booklet
List Price $6.99
Sale Price $6.99
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Product Description
A Brief Look at Theology, History, Scriptures, and Social System with Comments on the Gospel in India. Visitors to the world of Hinduism seldom probe its complex system of diverse beliefs and practices. If you want to better understand the 900 million Hindus of the world, you must read H. L. Richard's brief but insightful booklet. In Hinduism, he addresses both esoteric and practical issues through numerous selections from the Hindu scriptures, an overview of basic Hindu philosophies, and a glossary of Hindu terminology.

"It is through H.L. Richard more than any other single person that I have come to realize how little I actually know about the Hindu people I have claimed to love, and among whom I have lived most of my life. In the fifteen years that I have been his friend, he has gently revealed to me the complexities of Hindu civilization, and caused me to love and respect Hindus with a greater humility. Through his influence I have been freed to live among them with an honesty and openness I had not known before, and this has brought me closer to them, and closer to my Lord and Sadguru, Jesus Christ." -- Chris Hale (sitarist and singer of the Yeshu bhakti devotional music group, Aradhna.)

Product Details
Product Code: 0878085149
Categories: Religion    WorldView
ISBN-13: 978-0-87808-514-9
Pages: 64
Year: 2007

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